Heating Systems - Industrial Kitchen Equipments
In line with the accumulated knowledge and experience gained over the years, our company was established primarily with the purpose of meeting the needs of our country for imported products with domestic productions and then with the aim of producing for abroad, as of 2015, it continues its activities and production actively.


Comfort Solutions

ECONOMICOur natural gas heating systems are much more economical than existing electrical heaters. You consume less power, pay less and get more warm as a result.
TRUST AND CONSERVATIONAll of our devices developed during the design phase and R&D process were taken into production after every detail was meticulously examined in order to ensure safety and protection, considering all kinds of negativities.
QUALITYAll materials used in our devices consist of first class materials. We produced it for you without sacrificing quality, including all apparatus and software used.
HARMONY and DESIGNWhile our heating systems provide high efficiency heating in your spaces with its technology, it adds harmony and elegance to your spaces with their attractive designs. Feel Perfection!
Panera EngineeringProduction line
As Panera Engineering, we supply the quality and more cost-effectively with 100% domestic production instead of imported products in the heating sector.


Heating Systems - Industrial Kitchen Equipments
OUR VALUESBy producing uniquely competitive devices for backward and compatible technologies, our company has a production network that is inclusive in all the needs of the market, competitive in the price and quality balance of the upper segment market, and the core values of our company are listed as authoritative transformation, efficient devices and contribution to nature with the latest technology results we have developed. It gradually develops and maintains human health and nature-oriented corporate strategic theme areas.
QUALITY We continue to keep up-to-date with the highest production standards in terms of quality, safety and efficiency, which are created by the approval certificates we receive from the key global equivalence platforms and standard institutions of the production sectors we are involved in.
OUR GOALSTo maximize standardized installation and maintenance services with an integrated dealer and service network. Developing industry-leading devices, constantly updating inter-unit methodologies for quality materials and production. To continuously develop team-oriented human capital worldwide and to offer innovative solutions to evolving demands.
Technology and Innovation100% Domestic ProductionPanera